Facial Treatments
Facial treatment products are carefully selected to cleanse, tone, hydrate, balance and repair skin.

Treatments inlcude, steam, relaxing/toning massage, exfoliation, ampoules and a specifically formulated restorative masque, topped with an Indian scalp massage.

TINA'S BASIC FACIAL $90-$110 / 90 min
A balancing and cleansing treatment customized to each unique skin type.

TINA'S DEEP CLEANSE $90-$110 / 90 min
Deep pore cleansing and heavy extractions, A.K.A. "The Pleasure, Pain, Pleasure Facial."

EPICUREN® FACIAL $100 / 60 min
For the quickie you know you're dying for!!

SIGNATURE FACIAL $200 / 120 min
For that day you've been saving up for. With three different exfoliates, and eye treatment and a hand and foot treatment, you will experience a touch of heaven

FACE AT LUNCH $65 / 40 min
For a quickie fix or maintenance.

To book your appointment now, call 323.935.5339. Open Tuesday-Saturday, by APPOINTMENT ONLY!

Featured Peels
Great for reducing cellular build-up, this peel briskly exfoliates and strengthens skin tissue, resulting in healthier, more alive skin.

BABY BOOMER PEEL $125 / 30 min
For those looking to minimize fine lines, encourage cellular activity, and improve skin tone. Also an excellent treatment for the decollete.

ITALIAN HERB PEEL $100 / 45 min
Ideal for oily/blemished skin, this peel aims to reduce bacteria, soften and dissolve cellular build-up, smooth rough texture, and minimize oil production.

PEROXIDE PEEL $100 / 45 min
Great for oily/congested skin, the Peroxide Peel reduces sebaceous activity and lifts impurities, causing a mild exfoliation for smoother, healthier skin.

YOUNG AGAIN PEELL $195 / 50 min
Excellent for minimizing fine lines, improving texture and skin tone, stimulating cellular rejuvenation, reducing oil producion, and brightening and lightening discoloration.

FRENCH PEELL $250 / 45 min
This highly intense, 7-day peel is excellent for skin rejuvenation. It regenerates and stimulates collagen production resulting in hydrated, healthy, and more vibrant skin.
Facial Extras
Hand Treatment $25
Foot Treatment $26
Neck Treatment $45 & up
Mini Lift $40
Lash Tint $20
Eyebrow Tint $15

Brow Shaping/Tinting
Reshaping $30
Maintenance $20
Tweezing Only $25
Lash Tint $20
Tinting $30
(single application)

Lip $5+
Chin $5+
Nose $5+
Side of Face $15+
Lip & Under$5+
Underarms $15
Arms (half) $20
Arms (full) $20
Lower Legs $30
Thighs $35
Stomach $20 & up

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