Welcome to Tina's Room
Tina's main focus is to bring out the best of the real you and keep it fresh and youthful.  Her years of training with a top Beverly Hills Skin Clinic and then moving to learning and training with acids, has given her the ability to customize to each of her clients.  Educating her clientele is one of the main stays in Tina's business.  You will often her Tina say, "I can only do 30% of the work, you have to do the other 70% in order to see a real difference." And she will teach you what that 70% is.

Whether you're looking for a place to relax and float away or for a quick Bikini and Brow, you won't have to look past Tina's Room of Aesthetics.

TINA'S BASIC FACIAL $90-$110 / 90 min
A balancing and cleansing treatment customized to each unique skin type.

EPICUREN® FACIAL $100 / 60 min
For the quickie you know you're dying for!!

SIGNATURE FACIAL $200 / 120 min
For that day you've been saving up for. With three different exfoliates, and eye treatment and a hand and foot treatment, you will experience a touch of heaven

Great for reducing cellular build-up, this peel briskly exfoliates and strengthens skin tissue, resulting in healthier, more alive skin.

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About Tina
Tina Napier is a native Californian who is originally from San Diego County. Tina has had her hand in the beauty industry for over 25 years . It's only been in the past 10 years that she has focused her passion on the enter workings of the body and how that affects your facial and body skin.  Tina is in constant belief that you must take in all the factors of your life to determine how to manage troubled skin.  Stress, anxiety, even the weather and travel can change how you handle and what you use on your skin.